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Data Analytics

Data Analytics: Welcome

Define the Problem with Analytics

Analysing all relevant data to understand the exact problems and barriers, while extracting potentials for growth and developing reports.

Data Analytics: Headliner

UI/UX & Analytical Audit

Data Consistency

Our team will dig in your technical stack and find out the any problems on your implementation, analytical infrastructure and potentials for user experiences.

  • Detailed audit report document

  • 1-Hr Workshop

Ad-Hoc Analysis

Learn more about your business

Our expert data analyst team will prepare all key points due to any problem stated by out clients. We will examine and analyze all relevant data and prepare an analaytics report with visualisation and actaionable insights.

  • Jupyter Notebook PDF

  • Data Visualizations 

  • Summary

  • 2-Hrs Workshop

Image by Luke Chesser

Dashboards & Visualization

Track your success

Data visualisation experts will handle all data connections and prepare an interactive dashboard regarding your KPI's and all relevant metrics you'd like to track.

  • 30-Mins Brief Call

  • Google Data Studio / Tableau

  • How-To Video Tutorial

Data Analytics: Services
Data Analytics: Bookings Widget
Data Analytics: Bookings Widget
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